Thursday 20 January 2011

Mini Challenge 2011

  • This challenge goes from Jan. 1st 2011- Apr. 1st 2011
  • Rules: Choose 4 books according to the following guidelines:
  1. Something old
  2. Something new
  3. Something borrowed
  4. Something blue
  • You don't have to pick the books ahead of time! Be creative! While the other categories are self explanatory, 'Something blue' can mean a book with a blue cover, a book with the word 'blue' in the title, a book that takes place at sea...anything you want!
I have signed up to this cool mini Challenge, don't know how i missed it before, but never mind. This looks like fun.

Not sure what books i will use, but will be a challenge. :D

1 comment:

La Toya said...

SO glad you signed up!!! Thanks :) Looking forward to your picks!!