Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Everyone,

Wow four months since i started blogging and the year is over already, it flew by quicker than i ever thought it could. Christmas arrived leaving me totally unprepared and left again just as quickly.
2010 wasn't the best year, but did hold some very good moments. I started my blog, held my first competition, completed NaNoWriMo and read some amazing books.

Now here we are 2011.

I am really looking forward to this year. I feel like i have really settled into the blogging community and hope for my blog to continue to grow and to meet even more fantastic bloggers. It is such a great community and i feel honored to be a part of it.

This year I have signed up to 3 challenges:

'Morbid Romantica' is a challenge to read a book from a theme each month, all Paranormal Romance, the months have themes like 'Vampire Hunters', 'Nephilim', 'Zombies', 'Ghosts' etc. This should be great as I love this sort of book and have loads i can fill it with.

The 'Off the Shelf' Challenge' which encourages us to read all those books we have stacked up but never got round to. This is definitely one for me, as i went round my shelves and was astounded by how many i had that i had never read. My list will be uploaded here

'100+ Reading Challenge' Which is just to read more than 100 books in the year. I should be able to do this as I read 73 books since starting my blog in August. I'm hoping to finish it and maybe even double it, but we'll see.

Every blog seems to be doing 'New Year's Resolutions' and hopes for the future, so here are mine:

1) To comment more on blogs, i visit a lot of blogs and read a lot of posts, but i hardly ever comment to let the blogger know i was there and enjoyed reading what they put, so i will try to comment more.

2) To commit myself to at least half an hour of writing/editing every night. I work all day, then go to sports clubs in the evenings, but when i get home i tend to waste my time on things like FarmVille, I have the time to do it, i just waste it. I completed NaNoWriMo in November last year by writing at least 2,000 words a day for a month, this proves i have the time, and I now have a story that i am proud of, but i need to edit it etc before i can send it out to people. I have been putting off doing it for ages and if i don't do it soon, i'll loose enthusiasm. There is also so many more ideas in my head that i want to get down, so that's where this resolution comes in

3) I really want to redesign my blog, i still have one provided by the site that was easy to upload, but would love my own style. I need to decide on a design and either make it myself or pay for someone to do it. Any suggestions for styles or people that can do it for me are welcome. Please comment below. :D

4) i always read the same sort of book, mostly YA, Fantasy or Chic Lit. A lot of the Vampire/Angel/Fairy type. It's always books about mythical creatures or relationships. I am going to try and read at least three books that come under a different genre, maybe a Classic as i'm not really into them but know there are some good ones out there.

5) This is more of a personal one - not blog related, but i want to increase my fitness. I am in no ways fat or anything (I'm a size 10 and do 4 different sports a week) and i don't do diets, but i need to increase my fitness levels. All the sports I do require short burst of energy and so my cardio fitness isn't very good and my flexibility is rubbish, so i will try to get up earlier each day so i can do stretches and maybe even a jog. This will be the real test as i like my bed in the mornings!

Thanks for staying with me. I look forward to a great year and meeting even more Bloggers out there.

Happy New Year may it be filled with Wealth, Health, Joy, Love & Happiness. May it be filled with the Lord's Blessings and be the best Year yet, and of course filled with Books!!!

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