Saturday 15 January 2011

Book Review - Furnace: Fugitives

Title: Furnace: Fugitives
Author: Alexander Gordon Smith
Publisher: Faber and Faber
ISBN-13: 978-0571259397

I am no longer trapped in the darkness. But the darkness is still trapped inside me. We did it. We cracked the gates, escaped from Furnace. We’re out, but we’re not free. Not yet. Now the whole city is in lockdown ­– the roads sealed, the police scouring every building. And there are worse things here – creatures of unimaginable fury hunting us down. An unholy army, sent by Alfred Furnace himself. Now a war is raging as he tries to bring the world to its knees. I can still feel the warden’s poison inside me. It’s the only thing keeping me alive, but it’s turning me into one of them, into a monster. I don’t know how much longer I can fight it before the rage takes over. If I don’t find a cure soon then it will be me out there tearing this city apart, me feasting on blood. If I ever want to be truly free then I have to travel into the heart of the darkness. I have to find Alfred Furnace before he finds me. We made it out but the nightmare followed us, and soon the whole world will be our prison…

My Review
I read the first 3 books in this series for Book Day at work last year, and met the author. He was a very cool guy, made us all laugh, squirm, cringe and laugh some more. He has an awesome sense of humour. Compared to his personality these books are the complete opposite, they are filled with death, terror and madness. But i love them. These books are a bit like when you drive past an accident, you know you shouldn't be looking, that it's going to be gruesome, but you just cannot look away. 
I requested this book from the library and was so excited when it came in. Book 3 ended on a real cliffhanger and i couldn't wait to start reading. 
Alex, Simon, and Zee have escaped from the depths of 'Furnace' a prison gone bad, where all the inmates are tortured and mutated into monsters. Chaos reins over the city as monsters, fugitives and 'Wardens' are let loose. Struggling to escape from police, the three young boys hide away and try to get out of the city, but soon they realise there are things much worse hunting them. A new type of monster, worse than what was being created inside Furnace is on the loose, and more people are turning by the minute.
This book is so exciting, i literally could not put it down. Everytime i thought they would escape, BAM another obstacle would intercept them, there were so many unexpected twists in this story that i was on the edge of my seat. 
This is something i never thought i would like, but was so surprised, it is a fabulous series, very well written, with great characters and a great plot.
The characters really come alive, i feel sorry for Alex, Zee and Simon and all they have happen to them, and I find Alfred Furnace terrifying, you never physically meet him, he's just a presence and it's almost like he is watching you through the pages of the book, it adds an element of excitement to it. 

My Rating
I would give this book 8.5/10, i cannot  wait for the next and final part in this series which comes out in March :D

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