Sunday 23 January 2011

Book Review - Tripwire

Title: Tripwire
Author:Steve Cole & Chris Hunter
Publisher: Corgi Childrens
ISBN: 978-0552560832

Got you. The sight of the bomb hit Felix like a punch in the guts. Just twelve minutes remaining on the clock . . . He was going to have to move fast.
Following a devastating terrorist bomb attack on Heathrow airport, Felix Smith is determined to avenge his father's death.
He successfully becomes a member of the Minos Chapter, a secret service full of gifted under-age recruits. His speciality – Bomb Disposal. Felix and his fellow recruits are now the ultimate spooks – trained to fight terror with terror. The timer is ticking . . . 

My Review
This book is going to be hard to review, as I had to read it for Book Day at work and i hated it. Now, this seems like a extreme reaction but i really did, and it is of no way reflecting the book. Let me explain: As a story the plot is good, the characters are all very realistic and it's quite exciting to read. Any other person may read this and give it ten out of ten. The only reason i hated it, is that i never read these sort of stories, for me, hearing about terrorist attacks is bad enough on the news without reading fictional versions, it's just horrific and rather depressing. That is why this is so hard to review, if i was judging it on my interest i would give it about 2/10, but if i judged it through writing plot etc, i would have to give it something like a 7/10.
I must admit i came to really like Felix, he was a great character, intelligent and really good at what he did but not cocky or self obsessed as a lot of teen boy characters are shown. The story develops well and the plot moves quickly which helped me to get through this book quicker than i normally do with books i struggle with.
The book is really well researched, one of the writer's is an actual bomb disposal expert, and it really shows, for me this partly worked as it sets the scene up and details the bombs etc well, but on the other hand he uses a lot of terminology that  i didn't understand and so found myself skimming these paragraphs, hoping he would just get on with it.
This would be great for people that like action, bomb, adventure stories, probably aimed more at boys. By all means, if you think this is a story for you, read it, it is good if you are into that sort of thing, i only disliked it as i really don't like these sort of things. 

My Rating
for the first time ever i will do two ratings:
Quality of book: 7.5/10 - as i have said it is well written and could be a great read for someone
My opinion: 2/10 - just not my sort of thing!


La Toya said...

Well I might like this one! I don't know...I do like action but I don't know how much I like reading it!

I'm also hopping by to tell you that there's a linky that you can put your reviews in on my page now:

I've also added a little random prize at the end to show my gratitude of you all doing my challenge!!


barmybex said...

Thanks for stopping by, give the book a try, if you don't like you can always stop reading.

I will definitely link up my reviews when i've read them!

Oooh random prize - sounds exciting, can't wait.