Friday 27 May 2011

Armchair BEA - Blogging about Blogging

Today is the day of the Book Blogger Convention, so  in conjunction with that event Armchair BEA will also put the focus on the “blog” portion of “book blog.”

Right, I'm not technical and know very little about HTML and all that Jazz, I don't have a wealth of advice to give so I'm just going to say about how I blog and what I like about blogging.

I set up my blog last August with no real idea of how it all worked, I just had a passion for books and wanted an outlet for my book talk. I immediately fell in love with the world of blogging. Everyone is so accepting and helpful. I wish I knew more about the behind the scenes stuff, but there is always someone out there who knows how to help.

Design/ Look: My blog was designed by Jae Bird Design and she was so helpful, kind and patient. There are loads of design blogs out there that will give you a great look for a reasonable price, and I would recommend Jae Bird. but whoever you go with, you'll get something unique and eye catching.
Obviously looks are not the most important thing in blogging, but if you have a stylish or original look people are more likely to come for a closer look.

Book Reviews: The most important part of the book blog. I have seen many varying opinions on how and when to do reviews - everyday, once a week, as soon as you've read the book, a few days after you've read the book. Long, short, technical, fun. My advice- do it how you want it. Ultimately it is your blog and you have got to feel comfortable with what you are doing.
For my reviews I always get an image of the cover and then list the title, author, series, publisher, release date and ISBN number, all simple details that can identify the book and help others find it.
I then always copy a synopsis/blurb from Goodreads or Amazon. I then go on to my review. I introduce how I came to the book then offer my own short summary - gives more of a feel for the book I think. I then go on to write about what I like or don't like.
I mention the pace, storyline, character development, and what I felt I got out of it. I try to get across my passion and excitement for a book. I want my enthusiasm to come through my review to the reader.

In the case of negative reviews, I can't stand it when people say something is 'rubbish', why is it rubbish? I always try to explain why I didn't like a book but being constructive at the same time. This helps the authors publishers improve in the future and other bloggers/readers see what you didn't like and take it into consideration - remember what you don't like about a book may be the best part for someone else. I also always try to put at least one positive into it, give them something you did like.

I tend to do my reviews as close to me finishing it as it's fresh in my mind, I find it easier that way.

Meme's: I love taking part in meme's it's a good way to network with other bloggers and let the blogging world know more about you. I take part in quite a few:
- 10 Good Things On A Monday hosted by Nina at 'Brush Up On Your Reading'
- Teaser Tuesday hosted by 'Should Be Reading'
- Book Blogger Hop hosted by 'Crazy-for-Books'
- Follow Friday hosted by 'Parajunkee'
- TGIF hosted by 'GReads'
- Quote Love hosted by 'Midnight Twilight'

These aren't essential but are a fun and a good way to get your blog out there.

That's all I have to say really, just enjoy your blog, have fun and be passionate about what you are talking about.


TheJennaGirl said...

Thanks for posting links the original memes! I keep hearing that I should join a meme but was having trouble figuring out how to go about it. So helpful!

barmybex said...

You're welcome, thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the meme's and blogging. :D