Friday 15 July 2011

Harry Potter & I

I know there are a lot of posts about Harry Potter today, but it just shows how much he has affected the world. Everyone has their story and connection. He has touched so many hearts, minds and lives. 

So I thought I might as well join in. This is what Harry Potter means to my life.

Over the past week I have re-watched all 7 movies (I exhausted my DVD player, it over-heated and died, I had to buy a new one, but it was worth it) I started re-reading book 7 and went to see the final film today.

I was never with Harry at the start though. I hadn't read any of the books and frankly wasn't interested. My parents had to practically drag me to the cinema for the first film (I was too young to be left home alone and they couldn't find anyone to look after me). I sat in the cinema and sulked - I did NOT want to be there! That was, until the film started. Within the first few minutes I remember sitting up and paying attention, thinking (cool!) When we left the cinema I remember my excitement - the 'oh wow' and 'did you see that part!' etc. I rushed home and begged my mum to lend me her books. (there were four out at that time.)
I read them all through really quickly and desperately wanted more. I re-read them several times waiting for the next release. 
Each book since I have bought on the release date, got home and basically devoured it. I would read them within a couple of hours, desperate to know what would happen next, then go back and read it again, but slower - savoring every word.
The books now live on my shelves and have pride of place. 
I queued to see each film and bought every DVD. I searched online for behind the scenes footage. I dreamed of getting roles, but always turned out to be just out of the age catergory. I looked for signings and appearances. (I met Natalia Tena - Tonks at a Collectormania fair in MK - she was really nice and very cool. I got her autograph and a picture with her. (not our most flattering look either of us, but still!)

Basically from that first moment, Harry became a part of my life, I grew up with him, battled along side him, laughed and cried with him, and felt each loss by his side. 
I was so excited to see each new part and have it come to life. They did an amazing job with the films (not perfect but really WOW) 
I know that although it is over, we will always have the books and films to go back to, but I am also sad it is over. It is an end of an era and I will miss Harry a lot.

The film today was quite full, I saw it at 2.30 this afternoon, the atmosphere was great, the audience reacted to the film and even cheered at the end - saluting Harry! People were dressed in costumes. I got a pair of special Harry Potter 3D glasses - shaped like his glasses in a special cloth case. (they look so cool)
I laughed, I cried, I oohed, I ahhed, I cheered, I gasped and I had an absolute blast! It was incredible. I will be going again very soon with my mum and brother, and can't wait to get back into it. 

So Harry, this may be farewell, but it certainly isn't Goodbye. You will remain in my heart!

Sorry if I went on a bit and well done if you made it through all of that. so in parting everyone join me in raising your wands and saying:




Sugar and Snark said...

Mischief managed!

Harry Potter will also be in my heart, and I will certainly never let the spirit of it die. Always HP!

barmybex said...

Yay to Harry! thanks for stopping by. :D