Tuesday 5 July 2011

Hey everybody! This week will be the first ever instalment of the Weekly Book Blog Bonanza! The idea is that any and all book bloggers add their link to this list, and then all of the participants can have a look at each other's blogs, see some great content, and gain some new followers! If you're interested in participating, here are the rules:

  • You must be following the host blog (Teen Fiction Centre)
  • You should try to post a Book Blog Bonanza feature on your blog, with the Bonanza's badge
  • You should answer the Question of the Week in your post
  • If someone follows you, try to follow them back
  • Have fun!
So there are the rules, I hope you agree that they are all completely fair! here is this week's question:

"Who is your favourite book character of all time and why?"
Answer: That is a very hard question I have so many that I love, they all become like friends and family members when I am reading, that it's hard to just pick one. I would have to say that I always loved Winnie The Pooh, he would have to be my all time favourite, the lovable, huggable bear, so cute, funny, sweet, well-meaning and loving. He would always make me funny and I loved the way he would dote on Christopher Robin and look out for Piglet. I could give him a big hug right now. :D

So who's your favourite? Head over to Teen Fiction and sign up.


JacobTeal said...

I thought my comment had gone through, but it doesn't look that way, so I'll say it again!

Interesting choice Becky, I never even thought about characters from my childhood!

Thanks for supporting the Weekly Book Blog Bonanza, see you next week!

barmybex said...

hehe thanks, look forward to next week. :D