Tuesday 12 July 2011

Midnight Summer Festival (3) Artemis Goddess of the Hunt

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Midnight Summer Festival is a celebration of all books that cover Mythology, whether Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Roman or any of the many others. There will be 10 days of posts including Book recommendations, interviews and fun facts.

Today I will be featuring a profile of 'Artemis' the Goddess of the Hunt

Name: Artemis

Family: Daughter of Leto & Zeus, Twin brother Apollo

Goddess: Of the Hunt, Wildlife, Forests, Childbirth and Virgins/Chastity. It is also said she has influence over the moon.

Appearance: Usually seen as a beautiful young woman, she wears outfits that allow her to hunt easily and allow her freedom of movement.

Weapon: Bow & Arrow

Strengths: Independence, Courage, Confidence and Physical Strength, also immune to Aphrodite’s love powers

Weaknesses: can be impulsive and vengeful, has a dislike for all males which can cloud her judgement.

-It is said that Artemis helped deliver her twin brother only minutes after she herself was born.
-Artemis promised her father, she would remain a virgin for her entire life, as far as anyone knows, she remained faithful to this promise.
-Artemis ran a 'hunt' with a group of women, who all swore to chastity and an oath to the hunt. -Artemis punished a young maiden called 'Callisto' who got seduced by Zeus and ended up pregnant. Legend says that Artemis turned Callisto into a bear as punishment.
-It is rumored she only had one relationship/crush - a giant named Orion. Apollo got jealous of the time Artemis spent with him and so Apollo decided to put an end to it. He challenged Artemis  to prove her skill at archery by shooting at an object floating far out at sea.  Her shot was perfect, but the target turned out to be the head of Orion.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Artemis.

Information taken from 'wikipedia', 'fun trivia', 'google' and my own knowledge. Everything re-written in my own words, no copyright was broken. 


JacobTeal said...

Hey Becky, he second instalment of the Weekly Book Blog Bonanza is up now!

BLHmistress said...

I love Artemis, she is one of my fave goddesses though in my favorite book series she's a witch LOL. I still love her attitude.

barmybex said...

BLHmistress - what book was that? it sounds interesting. :D