Thursday 2 August 2012

Book Promotion - Sparks Ingnite

Eons ago, elves, a unique species with the ability to summon the Earth’s elements, were created. Eventually, elves began intermingling with humans and the resulting offspring were neither elf nor human, but rather a hybrid of the two. These children became known as Elvens. Elvens looked like humans, but shared the elves’ unique bond with the Earth. However, one limitation had arisen. Elvens were able to summon one element alone per individual. Over time, the Elven Gene was passed on, often without the individual‘s knowledge. To this day, Elvens walk the streets among the common population.
                   Owen has a secret, which dates back to a single day in his early childhood, a day in which he unwittingly created fire at will. Owen has never again been able to recreate the events of that day, but the memories have haunted his dreams since. Follow Owen’s journey as his secret is revealed and he finds his purpose in life.

John Alexander Gouthro is a Canadian author and lifelong Nova Scotian, born in Sydney and raised in New Waterford. Now residing in Halifax with his wife, John divides his time between his job as a nurse and his passion for writing. Sparks Ignite, Book One of the White Fire series, is John’s first published novel.



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