Thursday 9 August 2012

Book Promotion - Like Moonlight at Low Tide

Nicole Quigley Makes a Stunning Debut with Her Genesis Award-Winning Coming-of-Age Novel that Deals with Bullying, Suicide, and Faith
“This story is not about suicide. But you should know that when I was seventeen, the only boy who ever called me by my full name took his own life. It was the first time I ever saw a mistake that was permanent, that couldn’t be undone with whiteout
or atoned for with an after-school detention.” –
Missy Keiser
Nicole Quigley’s breakthrough novel tells the story of Melissa Keiser and three boys, whose lives intertwine in a tragic and hauntingly poetic coming-of-age tale that will have fans of YA fiction abuzz long after the book’s emotional end.
Tackling the sensitive and widespread issues of teen suicide, drug use, sex, and faith, LIKE MOONLIGHT AT LOW TIDE (Zondervan; $15.99; September 2012) does so in a new and sophisticated way – providing a fresh alternative to the teen pop novels and stories of love triangles rampant in the YA market.
In LIKE MOONLIGHT AT LOW TIDE, Missy returns to her hometown of Anna Maria Island, Florida, where she was once referred to as the ugliest girl in school. After spending three years in Pennsylvania, unbeknownst to herself, Missy has blossomed. It takes the romantic attention of her childhood crush for her to realize that she’s not the “Messy” Keiser who used to be greeted by barks in her middle school hallway.
Finally catching a glimpse into the alluring world of high school popularity and parties she never dreamed of attending, Missy becomes entangled with three boys who will change her life: handsome and confident jock Sam King; her elusive neighbor, Josh, who has a quiet confidence and unwavering faith; and her rebellious brother, Robby, who struggles between obtaining the life he wants and settling for the life others expect him to have.
With everyone noticing the new Missy, her skewed self-perception slowly begins to heal in a raw and honest story about what happens after the bullying stops.
Quigley reflects, “You can’t read the papers these days without seeing stories about school-age bullying, but not many people talk about what happens afterward. How do you ever feel right after being told you’re all wrong for so long?”
Set in her hometown, Quigley captures the ethereal essence of Anna Maria Island, a barrier island off the Gulf coast of Florida, where skim boarding and pool hopping are the activities of choice and the temperature hovers mostly around eighty degrees.
With magnetic prose that reads like poetry, LIKE MOONLIGHT AT LOW TIDE is an emotional page-turner that will be sure to hook lovers of YA fiction from page one through to the climactic close.
“I think this book will resonate with a wide range of readers,” Quigley adds, “because everyone has experienced some form of bullying and reacted to it for better or worse, whether they realized it or not.”
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Quigley is the recipient of the American Christian Fiction Writer’s “Genesis Award” for her debut novel, LIKE MOONLIGHT AT LOW TIDE. She majored in Communications at Appalachian State University, and has worked in public relations in Washington, D.C. for the past 12 years. When she’s not writing, Quigley stays active in her weekly women’s small group Bible study and her church. Quigley is originally from Anna Maria Island, Florida, the inspiration for the novel.
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