Friday 17 August 2012

Book Review - Moving Out

Title: Moving Out
Author: Kate Cann
Series: Hard Cash Trilogy (book 1)
Publisher: Point 28
Release Date: 7 Aug 2006
ISBN-13: 978-0439950312

Rich thinks his name's a joke - he's permanently broke and everyone knows it. If he could only find some cash he knows that life would be different: more clothes, more freedom, more sex. Then Rich strikes lucky. His artistic talents have been recognized and it looks like he's heading for the big time. With all that lovely money in his pocket and freedom in his grasp, he's determined that nothing's going to get in his way...

My Review
I have had this book on my shelve for about 2 years at least, I just never seemed to get round to it. But as I was having a readathon this week, I cleared my locker at work of books and brought them all home to read and this happened to be in there.
To be honest I didn't know much about them apart from the fact that they appear to be Girly/contemporary novels but told from a boys point of view. This is quite a rare occurrence so that piqued my curiosity. I mean from the cover design it's clear they aren't aimed at boys!
Rich is broke, he never has much money and neither does his parents, they scrimp and save on everything but he's starting to get fed up with it. Taking a chance on getting some money he sends some sketches off to some art/design companies hoping to get some work and sure enough one gives him a lucky call. Soon he has money, new clothes, and the girl of his dreams. But is it everything he wants?
I will put a warning right here before I even get to the book properly, this is not suitable for younger readers, there is quite a bit of reference to sex and nudity in this book. It's not massively over the top or graphic but it's there. If it had been a tiny bit more present then I would have given up, but as it was I just skimmed the ruder bits. 
To me, Rich was a self-centered arrogant little wotsit, he has no respect for his parents or teachers and really just seems girls as an object of lust. He talks back and is lazy, he skips school and does what he wants when he wants. To be honest he thoroughly annoyed me for most of the book, but despite that i had this weird feeling like he could change or that I should give him a chance, I think I saw a hint of goodness in him so I stuck with it. 
These are written quite well and the style flows well, I read it in a couple of hours so they are definitely easy reads which is another reason I stuck with it. 
I liked his art teacher Huw, he made me laugh and I could feel his frustration when dealing with Rich. And then Nick and his wife Barb, who run the design company interested in Nick, are funny, crazy and spunky. They have a real energy to them and make the book feel more fun and alive. I liked their input and the effect they had on Rich.
This book did make a chage to the normal chick lit out there and seeing into a guys mind was different and I think I started to enjoy it. I certainly was interested enough to go onto book 2.
So if you want a lazy summer read, the sort of thing you can read whilst relaxing on the beach or in your back garden then this will be a good one, but it probably won't 'wow' you!

My Rating

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