Saturday 25 August 2012

Book Review - The Final Warning

Title: The Final Warning
Author: James Patterson
Series: Maximum Ride (book 4)
Publisher: Century
Release Date: 10 April 2008
ISBN-13: 978-1846052736

Hunted all their lives, they've had to fight life-threatening and belief-defying battles piting their strength against the fearsome force of their shadowy enemies. But as their predators evolved, their unique ability to fly is no longer enough to save them. With their genes mutating to astonishing effect, the flock establishes a new set of skills to unleash as they strive for survival. But just as they struggle to get to grips with these physical changes, emotionally they face new challenges too: life on the fringe of society can be a lonely existence.
Driven to the wastelands of Antarctica, each day brings a new threat for the flock. Danger is never far away and while fighting to save their own skin, they have a new mission to undertake - one with devastating global consequences.

My Review
And so here comes book 4. What really can I say about book 4? well.....
So the Flock have been on the run for about 6 months, chased by evil scientists, Erasers, Flyboys, mutants. Been kidnapped, tied up, tested, shocked, tortured. Have flown miles a day, eaten out of rubbish cans, stolen cars to escape and basically had the worst time ever, so what new enemy/horror does Patterson give us in this book? Is it another sort of monster? No, It's Global Warming!!!!!!
That's it, no new hybrid or man with guns but Global fricking Warming.
This book is about 70% lecture on how we as humans are ruining the world. Too much waste, too many harmful substances and us big bad humans are only ever making it worse. The Flock are sent to Antarctica to do some research to help reverse or at least stop the effects.

I felt like I was back at school for most of this book. At least it was shorter than ther previous at only 300 pages I could just get through it.
There were bits that were good, basically anything that didn't lecture us about Global Warming, for example Angel going missing in a snowstorm, Max and Fangs growing 'feelings' if that's what they can be called. And the developing powers that the flock are developing are cool. There is a more real threat brought in towards the end, a big mutant Frankenstein like creature that tries to kidnap the flock again.
Yes I know that the world has problems, that there are real concerns with the environment, but I don't really want to be lectured for pages on end. It just wasn't that enjoyable and whilst I still love the characters, I think Patterson just went off on a great big tangent. 
I think I remember being disappointed with this the first time I read it, but I also remember that the next couple of books get better again so I will still carry on. 
But this book really disappointed me.

My Rating

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