Saturday 11 August 2012

I missed my Blogoversary. I'm now 2!

I can't believe it, but I missed my own Blogoversary!!!

I knew it was coming up soon but I kept forgetting to check. I finally remembered to check tonight and it said 'you're next blogoversary is 363 days away', Which must mean the celebration should have happened 2 days ago, and sure enough when I checked it, I set up my blog on the 9th August 2010.

How could I miss it??? How?

Oh well, better to celebrate late, than never.
So here goes:

Happy 2 year Blogoversary to me.

I honestly cannot believe it's been 2 years, in some ways it does feel like longer but sometimes I still feel like I'm new to this and don't have a clue what I'm doing! (anyone else ever feel like that?)

I want to thank all of you for your support. Over the last 2 years I have made some great friends and the blogging community as a whole is so welcoming. I may never have met any of you in person, but I feel like I know you and can ask for help, advice or book suggesstions whenever I need to. So Thank you!

I can't believe how big my blog has got, Over 1000 followers is crazy, but I'm so proud and I still get that rush of excitement when I see I have another new follower. You are all really precious to me!

Wow I sound really sappy now! :D

I hope for many more years of blogging, it may be hard work at times and it takes up far more time than I ever thought it would, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I hope my blog continues to grow and that I never run out of good books to read and awesome people to talk to.

If you have any suggestions for things that would improve my blog or ways to keep it fresh I would gladly hear them. What do you want to see on here?

Thanks again for all your support.

Happy Blogging and Reading. 
Have some Cake on me! (mine will be triple chocolate)


Evie said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Angela's Anxious Life said...

Wow!! Two years!! Congrats!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogoversary, and congrats on 2 years!

miki said...

Happy Blogoversary dear ^^

take care

barmybex said...

Thanks! Hope for many more years yet to come. ;D