Saturday 18 August 2012

Book Review - Moving On

Title: Moving On
Author: Kate Cann
Series: Hard Cash Trilogy (book 3)
Publisher: Point 28
Release Date: 7 Aug 2006
ISBN-13: 978-0439950336

Driving off into the sunset? Not quite... Rich is determined that Bonny's the only girl for him. Trouble is, things keep getting in their way - past crisis and present worries, interfering friends and the Mother from Hell. Then the two of them find themselves heading off on a mad rescue mission to Scotland, cranking their relationship up another gear as they go. This is one road trip Rich is never going to forget...

My Review
Again this book follows on directly from where book 2 left off. Rich and Bonny have met up again and the sparks are flying. The first half of the book is the usual 'plot' for these books, Rcih thinking about girls and sex. The two having arguments, then making up, then Rich being his usual egotistical self. He still hasn't fully matured and I was still waiting for it to happen. 
However halfway through the book a whole new stories emerges. Bonny's friend Liz gets a new boyfriend who takes her away to Scotland, but it turns out to be some sort of cult. SO they have to try to get her out. It brings a whole new angle to the story and makes the characters seem to grow up quicker. 
These books are a lot ruder than my usual picks and my warning stands that htey contain sex and nudity so are not suitable for younger readers. It seems to get a bit over the top in places too. More than is necessary I think. 
I'm not really sure what I thought of this book, it was refreshing to have a different storyline and to see the changes in the characters, but it wasn't totally believable. 
I liked how the story ended up and it didn't take me long to read and I'm glad I finished the whole series. 
I still stand by the idea of these being 'beach reads' quick easy, simple reads, OK for a lazy read but not WOW.

My Rating

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