Tuesday 7 August 2012

Book Tour - Emerald Isle

Hi. I’m author Kate Hinderer and I’m lucky enough to be guest posting for the day as part of the blog book tour for The Emerald Isle. This book is part paranormal, part contemporary fiction and has adventure, romance, suspense, and a whole lot of sand. I'm sharing a scene with you from the chapter of the book that I enjoyed writing the most. This is the part that I re-read and smile abut having crafted. It's raw and intense but oh-so crucial to the story. Hope you enjoy it.


I could hear my name being called over and over again in panic. My eyes were open, or at least I thought they were. I couldn’t see anything. I felt grainy sand beneath me and wet hair clinging to my face and neck. My name again being called in urgency. And hands suddenly pressed rhythmically into the space between my ribcage. I coughed, convulsed and turned my head to spew salty ocean water onto the sandy beach next to me.
Realization hit like a crashing wave along the rocky cliffs at the north end of the island. Someone had tried to drown me and I’d very nearly taken a full breath under water. I shivered and blinked a few times to bring my vision back into focus. Tristan knelt next to me, his hands hovering over my abdomen, ready to start CPR again. Water dripped from the tips of his long black hair and ran in little streams down his face. His bare chest rose and fell quickly with his ragged breathing. I remembered seeing his face underwater as something, no as someone, pulled me further under. The picture remained scrambled in my mind, but the intent was clear. 
Adrenaline pumped through my veins. I sat up and scrambled across the ground, using a crab-crawl to get away from him. Tristan put his arms up claiming innocence where he knelt in the sand. His piercing blue eyes, which were a stormy blue tonight, never left my face. He didn’t move to close the 10-foot gap now between us, he sat there and warily watched.
“Audyn, you don’t think I…” he trailed off looking pained.
I moved further away trying to put as much distance as possible between us but knowing I didn’t have enough strength to stand-up and run if I needed to. My mind raced to find an escape route, knowing that without one I was a goner. I didn’t have the strength or the ability to fight back if he tried again.
“I pulled you out,” he whispered, dropping his arms. His fingers clenched into fists where they lay in the sand. “Stop and think. Close your eyes and remember what happened,” he begged, still whispering, his voice attempting to soothe me.
I shook my head, refusing to close my eyes again. My heart still raced from the knowledge I had nearly been killed. I wouldn’t open myself up to another attack so easily. But I turned away from Tristan and looked out at the water trying to remember how I ended up soaking wet, half dead on the beach. 

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