Sunday 26 August 2012

Book Review - Max

Title: Max
Author: James Patterson
Series: Maximum Ride (book 5)
Publisher: Doubleday Childrens
Release Date: 2 April 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0385614528

Max and the flock have traded in Antarctica's sub-zero temperatures for sunny Los Angeles, where they're taking over the skies with their hair-raising air show. But far below, a deadly assassin watches their every move, waiting for the perfect moment to send them plummeting to earth." "Suddenly, the flock learns that millions of fish are dying off Hawaii's coast and that someone - or something - is destroying hundreds of ships. When they are confronted with the most frightening ecological catastrophe yet, they have no choice but to go deep into the murky waters. Now, nowhere is safe." While Max and her team comb the depths of the ocean, a powerful enemy tracks them. He has his own plans for the flock and will stop at nothing until they're under his control. Can the flock protect themselves from the approaching army - and save the world from utter destruction?

My Review 
Book 5 here we go. After the disastrous results of book 4 I wasn't as excited to carry on, but as I have said before I do remember reading this series years ago and actually enjoying the rest of the series so I carried on. After all these are averaging about 300 pages now which is quite short, especially the way the chapters are spaced, so I know they won't take me long.
There are still the odd mention of Global Warming in these books, after all it doesn't go away over night, does it? But I am pleased to say that it's only miniscule mentions and the book actually gets back to the plot.  
The Flock are getting more publicly known and almost accepted but there are still evil geniuses and evil idiots for that matter after them, and when Dr Martinez is kidnapped, the flock have to rally round and try to save her. From the hieghts of soaring through the sky, the flock are now embarked on a Navy Submarine, deep under the ocean. But for claustrophobic bird kids this is a bad nightmare about to get a whole lot worse.
Max and Fang are still getting closer but Max isn't sure what she wants, especially with her mum in trouble. She is still feisty but some of her tough outer edges seem to be crumbling and it's kind of nice to see the weaker side of Max, it reminds us that she is human (well 98% anyway lol)
Angel just gets creepier by the book and I don't quite believe it. Yes she is devious and has powers but I just don't believe quite how far Patterson is pushing the psycho 6/7 year old.
Nudge finally speaks up and starts to come into her own. No longer the sweet docile little one, she is finally growing up a bit. 
Gasman and Iggy are still immature boys, but that's part of their charm.
This book is a bit more exciting again, the plot makes sense and flows quite well, there is more action again and I was hooked in again. It still wasn't amazing and I don't think I would read it again but I am glad I carried on.
Now on to the rest of the series!

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