Sunday 3 March 2013

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You never know how strong you are until something makes you choose between humanity, and the beast.

As Claire descended deep into the ancient tomb; laying to rest the bodies of the fallen, she wondered if time healed all wounds, would an eternity be long enough? Still recovering from a brutal attack that nearly killed her, she refused to let evil win. Pain and destruction glared at her everywhere she went. Nothing and no one would ever be safe until Baal was not only defeated, but destroyed. Fueled by her thirst for revenge, she traveled with her father to the ‘old world’, seeking the aide of a long forgotten ally. Will their quest for help lead to their salvation, or is it only the first step in their annihilation?

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Megan Duncan is a YA Author, professional nerd, oddity enthusiast and paranormal junkie. She is continually fighting her addiction to chocolate, and living in her overactive imagination.

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My Review
Series: Warm Delicacy (book 3)
Release Date: February 26th 2013 
I absolutely love Megan Duncan's books, if you've followed this blog for a while I think you will have noticed that, I have promoted every new book out and this one wasn't going to be any different. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and was really excited when it came through.
We are back in teh world with Claire and Arrick, after the big battle at teh end of book 2 they are trying to recover from the loses and injuries whilst dealing with what is to come ahead. The fight is definitely not over yet. 
It had been well over a year since I read book 2 and I did have to go back and skim through to remind myself, but once I started to skim through I actually found myself remembering a lot of it. So in no time at all I was onto this book, eager to delve back into that world.
Claire has really grown as a character over this series and I love to see how far she has come, but also that she hasn't lost all of her innocence and links to her past. It makes a great mix and a very believable character.
Arrick is still strong, confident, powerful. The one you know will do anything to protect Claire and I love how he treats her, even when she is a bit of a cow to him, he steps up. So sweet.
Ana makes a re-appearance and boy does she make herself known, I found her really creepy, I was never quite sure when she would turn up or where and I could feel Claire's nervousness about it, it really came off the page. Was very well written.
The plot mainly focuses on the impending war, but it's not all fights and battles, Megan Duncan has found a great balance between scenes and the pace carries you along fantastically, there is never a dull moment or anything that happens that shouldn't. Everything serves a purpose to the story.
I love seeing more of Robin and Dmitry. I'm still not sure exactly what to make of Bennett, something doesn't quite seem right with him, but I hope he is a good guy. I like stories that leave you guessing a character though, makes you more involved.
The story comes to a great conclusion that leaves you both satisfied and wanting more. If that makes sense. 
All I know is that Megan Duncan has done it again, another amazing book. Is there anything she can't do? Now, when's the next one out? :P    

One lucky winner will win an e-book copy of 'Devour' and a gorgeous Devour Keychain. So pretty!
If you want to win just leave a comment below telling me your favourite vampire story, is it Dracula, Morganville Vamps, or Megan Duncan's creations? Let me know, I might even discover some new ones.

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Entries close on 10th March.   

You can also win some fabulous prizes on Megan's website, head over there to enter. :D


Natalie @ Book Lovers Life said...

Mine is the Vampire Academy series :) Thanks for the chance, I loved book 1 and 2.

barmybex said...

I've still never read VA, but I've heard loads of great things about them. They are definitely on my list. Good Luck. :D

Diana said...

I haven't read Morganville Vampires yet but I hear a lot of good feedback about it..
I absolutely love the Warm Delicacy especially book 2, Indulge. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

barmybex said...

Morganville Vampires are awesome. <3 definitely worth reading. :D
Good luck

ArtemisG said...

Mine is House of Night Series by P.C Cast & Kristin Cast,

Thank you for the giveaway!
artgiote at gmail dot com

barmybex said...

House of Night is a great series. I love Stevie Rae best. :D

Good luck.