Wednesday 20 March 2013

CC Hunter Novella Excitement!

 C.C. Hunter is the most awesome author of the 'Shadow Falls' series which I absolutely LOVE!!! You can find my reviews for her books here:
1) Born at Midnight
2) Awake at Dawn
3) Taken at Dusk
4) Whispers at Moonrise

This series follows Kylie Galen as she finds out about her past and what she really is with the help of everyone a Shadow Falls - a camp for Paranormal teenagers. It's a truly awesome series.

Then in March last year a Novella based on that world, told from Della's point of view. Della is Kylie's vampire roommate. That was called Turned at Dark and got me hooked, I'd always loved Della anyway so it made my day.

And now a new novella has just been announced!!! *screams in excitement*

Look how pretty it is! Once again it follows Della and I am excited to see more from her point of view. It is due to be released on 2nd April.

You can get it from any of the following places:

If you want a teaser here is a Youtube trailer:

I cannot wait. Anyone else as excited as me? 

This news literally made my day. :D


Anonymous said...

A new novella?! I love this series, but I'm so far behind! I still need to read Taken and Whispers (and the first novella. I know, Flail). But I have plans to read them all in April (it will be my Shadow Falls month!) and get all caught up for the last book. I'll add this to my pile, too. Thanks!

barmybex said...

I know right!!! So exciting. :D
Oooh, you are behind, hope you enjoy your catch up. A Shadow Falls month sounds great, may have to re-read them myself.