Saturday 5 January 2013

Top 12 of 2012: 4 Maria V Snyder

Welcome to day 4 of my Top 12

Today's author is one of those authors that I have passed round to everyone I know. In fact the first book of hers I read was because my friend gave it to me. It's the perfect book for sharing and talking about with friends.

I first knew about Maria V Snyder when I read her 'Study' series.
Book 1 - Poison Study
Book 2 - Magic Study
Book 3 - Fire Study

Then I moved onto the spin off 'Glass' series

Book 1 - Storm Glass
Book 2 - Sea Glass
Book 3 - Spy Glass

After that I found her YA series 'Insider'
Book 1 - Inside Out
Book 2 - Outside In

But none of these are the books that made me put Maria V Snyder in my Top 12.

In January of last year I read 'Touch of Power' and absolutely LOVED it. (this book also holds a special place for me as it was part of a competition and my review of it won me an ipad - how could I not feature it in my Top 12 then?!)

Ipad or not, the book itself is worthy of mention without question. Then in October I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy of book 2 'Scent of Magic' and fell in love all over again.

Here I had two absolutely incredible books that stole my heart and mind.

Filled with Magic, Romance, Adventure, Friendship, Laughter, Danger, Mystery and basically anything you could ever want from a book.

I thought about doing a 'Fantasy Cast' for these books, but I'm really bad at them, i have such a fixed idea of how the characters should look that I can never find anyone that matches close enough. If they ever made a film I dare say that I would be happy with their picks but I just can't do it. They are firmly locked into my imagination, so you'll have to read them yourself to get an idea. :D

If you want to know more about the series or the author, here are some links:

Maria V Snyder Website
Official Blog
Facebook Fan Page

Come back tomorrow for my next pick of 2012.

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Maria V. Snyder said...

Thanks for the great post! I'm so glad you've enjoyed all my books. And I must say - the UK has the best covers. Shhhh... don't tell the others, they're lovely too, there's just something about these...perhaps because they match what's in my mind the most. Does that make sense? :)

barmybex said...

You're very welcome.
The UK covers are absolutely gorgeous, and what you said makes perfect sense!
They fit so well and look fabulous. :D