Wednesday 9 January 2013

Top 12 of 2012: 8 Charlotte Blackwell

Welcome to day 8 of my Top 12

Today's author is someone who I am pleased to call a friend. When Charlotte Blackwell first asked me if I would like to review her book on my blog I looked at it and immediately said yes, she was also the first person I ever interviewed on my blog which was awesome.
Once I started reading, I loved the book and the characters and well - everything. From then on I have been in touch with Charlotte, asking her about the next book, signing up to blog tours and just generally being annoying probably, but she always answers and is a real sweetheart. 
The series just keeps on getting bigger and better and I look forward to seeing more. Here are the books so far:
 The Embrace Series by Charlotte Blackwell 

The story of a girl, her family and the friends she makes along the way. Sophia Pierce not only discovers herself, but the meaning of life, love, family and friendship.

Learning to live life throughout eternity can be difficult, especially as a teenager. With the help of those she trusts can Sophia find happiness, love and learn to accept not only herself, but those around her.  With her best friend Ebony a powerful witch and Nathanial a mortal by her side they must learn to make allies with shapeshifters and other supernaturals. Then they must deal with evil vampires, not to mention all the other trials teenagers go through.  

Join the Embrace Series and follow the Pierce family as they grow and see what happens when... Magick Meets Eternity.  
They sound awesome, right? That's because they are. The covers have a sort of classic beauty to them as well, but I think the last one is my favourite and it was this book that qualified it for my Top 12 as I read it in April. The characters are like old friends and I love to go back into their world and catch up with them again.
Until that happens again, I have an interview with Charlotte: 

1)     When you first started this series, did you ever imagine you would be so successful?

I still can't imagine it. The series has gain a great following and I am so grateful. I have gotten so much fan mail from all over the world and every time it blows my mind.  

2)     What has been the hardest thing about writing the Embraced series?

Trying to keep it different from other series out there and still stay true to parts of the story. I don't want people to think I am using other writers ideas, but some parts will be similar due to beliefs, myths and facts. So keeping it original is difficult.

3)     Have there been any changes in plot that you never expected or has everything gone pretty much as planned so far?

There hasn't been many, but a major one was a death that occurred in book 3 Mystic Embrace. When I wrote that scene I was shocked. It worked though, it was unplanned but needed to happen. 

4)     Do your characters ever argue back and refuse to do what you want?

Well right now they have refused to visit me. Other than that they have been very cooperative. I just hope they decide to come home to me soon.

5)     Which of your characters would cope best in a disaster?

I think they all deal well in their own way. Ebony is one of the strongest women I know, Nate is so calm in almost every situation and Sophia has learned to be a real leader. Most of all I think that the characters are best at handling situations when they work together.

6)     If your books got made into films who would you want to play the main characters?

That is difficult to answer. I love Zach Effron and think he would be amazing as Nate, but he maybe too old now. I think it would all depend on the timing and age of the actors when it happened. I have always said I would love my eldest daughter to play Sophia, but right now she is still a little young. Hopefully one day we will get a chance to sit down and pick actors to play the Embraced characters.

7)     Do you have to do research for your books? If so what has been the most challenging?

I do tons of research for my books. I have learned so much about Wicca and the practices and beliefs. I want to keep things close to truth even though I write fiction. I also research locations and people for characteristics. The most challenging comes back to originality. The best example of this is my use of day crystals. A similar concept is used in Vampire Diaries. When researching witchcraft I learned of the Lapis Lazlui which is a stone believed to help with disorders of the blood, perfect for vampires. I decided to change this because many don't know this and would see it as outright copying.   

8)     Do you have a routine for writing? A particular place, food, music?

Most of my writing is done in my room, it's my safe haven. I love listening to music and am a huge supporter and promoter to many bands that I have discovered and that have helped me with my writing. I even thank a few in book 4 Everlasting Embrace.

9)     Which do you enjoy writing the most, the Good Guys or the Bad Guys?

I like the good guys, I believe I am a good guy and that we need more in our world. It is so easy to take the easy route and turn against others, look out for number one, but there is so much more character to the good guys.

10)  Can you tell us anything about book 5?

There is going to be a ton happening. Sophia and Nate are still in Romania trying to find a way to destroy the Cerberus. Ebony learns to move on and grow, but something will happen that will leave her with a big decision. Caspian and Siobhan rekindle their past relationship and who knows where that will lead. Then of course there is the supernatural school, the angels and so much more. Love, loss, rebirth, defeat, and life ever after. 

 Thanks for doing that Charlotte and for all your help.

So have you been 'Embraced'?
I know I have. :D

Come back tomorrow for my next pick of 2012.

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Unknown said...

Awe! I love that she asked for you to review her book and now you are pals. This is why I love blogging. You meet so many people and are able to support each other in this crazy writing world!

I'll have to check out the series now. Thanks for sharing.

Crystal @ The YA Society

barmybex said...

It's great, so happy to be part of this community. :D
Thanks for stopping by.

colourfulchatterbox said...

These books look like something I might have to read...they do look pretty 'to be read' list is getting longer :)

barmybex said...

I know what you mean. My list is ever growing. :D