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Top 12 of 2012: 9 Erin Morgenstern

Welcome to day 9 of my Top 12

This book was one of the first I read in 2012, in fact - checking back it was the 2nd. Yet it was also the book I talked about most I think. I suggested it to everyone, I put the library copy on Display shelves and loved watching it go out and I bought my best friend a copy for her birthday. It has been my obsession for a year now and I still love it.

It's nothing like my usual read, but it is full of magic, mystery, enchantment and wonder. It is of course the wonderful 'Night Circus'
The Night Circus
I need to just say how gorgeous that cover is too. I absolutely love it and sums up the book perfectly. It captures the world beautifully and just looking at it again makes me smile.


The circus arrives at night, without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within nocturnal black and white striped tents awaits a unique experience, a feast for the senses, where one can get lost in a maze of clouds, meander through a lush garden made of ice, stand awestruck as a tattooed contortionist folds herself into a small glass box, and gaze in wonderment at an illusionist performing impossible feats of magic.
Welcome to Le Cirque des Reves. Beyond the smoke and mirrors, however, a fierce competition is underway - a contest between two young magicians, Celia and Marco, who have been trained since childhood to compete in "a game," in which each must use their powers of illusion to best the other. Unbeknownst to them, this game is a duel to the death, and the circus is but the stage for a remarkable battle of imagination and will. 

I got totally obsessed with watching Cirque Du Soleil programs on TV, I would absolutely love to see one in real life, I am amazed at what can be done in them, it's real talent and in some cases I do think the performers hold a spark of magic. So this book fit in perfectly and is written so well that I could picture everything. I became part of that world.

So, step right up folks and prepare to be amazed, this circus hold wonders, dangers, mysteries, romance and possibly your hearts desires. 

Look round the magnificient ice garden, watch the aerial acts, explore the world of clouds and dreams, see things you have never seen before and fall in love with the Circus. When you are part of the crowd you will know how to show your support. To let everyone know that you follow the circus no matter where it appears. I won't give that secret away here, that's for you to discover. But know that you would definitely see me showing my support.
I have actually started planning a Night Circus style party, I don't know if I'll ever get to bring it alive but it would make a very classy Birthday, Halloween or just special event party. So here's what I would do (If I could afford it all).

Hire a place that has space for a large tent, then hire a Black and White tent - they've got to be available.  If not one of the colours is fine. 
Then do some talent scouting, find some performers for your party - acrobats, jugglers etc and specify they need to wear black and white costumes with a hint of red on them -that is important. A scarf, headband, wrist strap, anything.
These would perform around the tent - keeping guests occupied. maybe they could do a small show. Your preference. 

All guests would have to come dressed in Black and White - Formal Dress, ball gowns, suits etc. Again they must have a hint of red with them. 

Food would be a buffet, something that can be snacked on and easily eaten. Traditional circus food such as Popcorn and candyfloss would be great, then offer something more substantial, something main meal - like Burgers, Sausages. Try to make it look classy though.

Of course a cake is essential. Big, extravagant and fitting in with the theme and colour.

Of course it's a party so music and dancing is a given, any type you like. 

The image in my head would probably be something I can never afford, but it looks cool. Anyway I've gone into Fantasy world - I told you I loved this book. 

If you haven't read it I really, highly recommend it. It's guaranteed to capture your mind and steal your heart. Just WOW.

Erin Morgenstern blog
the Night Circus interactive game 

Come back tomorrow for my next pick of 2012.

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