Tuesday 6 December 2011

25 Days of Jubilation & Giveaway


Welcome to Day 6 of 25 Days of Jubilation! From now through Christmas, different blogs will feature special posts and giveaway for the holidays. 25 Days of Jubilation is hosted by Cyndi at Dog-Eared and Bookmarked, Jacinda at The Reading Housewives, and Yani at The Secret Life of an Avid Reader.

I am so happy to be participating in something so special. We were given the choice on what we wanted to make our post about, but the idea was that it should be Christmas related. So I thought long and hard then decided it was about time I did my first ever VLOG!
I then had to decide what to do my vlog on, so many choices, but I wanted to keep it short and sweet, so I have done a round of 'Have and Have Not'
Check out the video below!!!

Hope you liked it, and that I didn't appear too nervous. :D

Anyway, now onto the bit I'm sure you've all been waiting for.

The Giveaway

I love to give gifts as well as receive them, but I also believe that it is better to give someone a gift they want rather than spending money on something that will sit in a cupboard for years and then be thrown out. So the Prize is up to you! Well, mostly. The winner will get to pick One Book of their choice up to the value of £7 (I think this is approx $10 if you are in US) from 'The Book Depository', This giveaway will be open Internationally, just check that the BD ships to you before entering.
Good Luck!

So how to enter?
To enter put your details in the Linky List below, that's it, simple as that.

Here are the rules: 
1) Competition opens Tuesday 6th December
2) Competition closes on Tuesday 27th December
3) Enter your Name, E-mail and Blog Link in the Linky List Below (email will be hidden, if you don't have a blog just enter your Facebook or Twitter page)
4) You Must be a Follower to enter!
5) One Name will be selected at random from the list.
6) Contest open INTERNATIONALLY!!! :D
7) Winners will be contacted by e-mail
8) Winners will have 3 days to reply or another winner will be selected.

Follow all the wonderful bloggers taking part in this event:


Here's the line-up for everyone! Be sure to check each blog and enter in the giveaways!

Also, make sure you use the hashtag #25DaysofJ if you want to tweet about the event on Twitter!

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Sunday, December 25th:
Merry Christmas!


Sophia Rose said...

Thanks for participating and the video was a creative idea.

miki said...

sorry i'm not used to this kind of linky so i put my name where it was written... sorry
number 5 it's miki for the name( not gfc follower even if i'm one^^;;)
i wanted to erase and reenter it but i don't know how to do it ( sorry)

barmybex said...

Thanks Sophia! :D

Miki- don't worry about it, I've gone in and updated you. :D Thanks for entering

Raine said...

Don't know how to skate too. One day, will have to grab someone for moral support. lolz. That was a fun vid. I wasn't sure if linky tool might mess up if I put GFCname: Raine in there. Anyways, thanks for the giveaway and making it international. Happy Holidays!

barmybex said...

Raine - We will both have to take the plunge - find a friend and go skating, it looks awesome.
Glad you liked the vid!
The Linky looks fine - no worries. Good luck!

Jacinda (The Reading Housewives) said...

YAY first vlog! I get nervous about doing vlogs as well!

Love the accent!

I haven't went caroling either, I can't sing! lol.

I haven't read too many Christmas books!

No sleding!

I've only been ice skating once...and it hurt! lol.

I'm bad at jokes :(

barmybex said...

LOL thanks Jacinda. Do I have an accent? cool!
I can sing but only average voice, but just haven't bothered to go.
At least I'm not the only one.
I'm expecting Ice Skating to hurt but I still really want to go. :D
My jokes are bad too so don't worry about it.
Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I think your first ever vlog turned out great and you did not seem nervous at all! That was such a fun day for the 25 Days of Jubilation! You need to go sledding and ice skating! I cannot believe you haven't done either. And yes you totally do have an accent! I think it is awesome as well :)

barmybex said...

Thanks Katelyn! Glad you liked it. Hehe, I''m trying to convince my best friend to come skating with me. It's something I've always wanted to do.
I suppose we never pick up on our own accents. I'm quite happy I have a nice accent. :D

Thanks for stopping by.

Asheley T. said...


barmybex said...

Thanks Ashley! :D

Anonymous said...

SORRY it's taken me so long to get here to visit your post. I loved that you did a vlog, and your first one at that! Such a fun idea!

Thank you for participating :)

barmybex said...

No worries Cyndi, thanks. :D Glad you liked it. Loving the tour so far, so many great posts.