Friday 16 December 2011

Book Review - Indulge & Giveaway

Title: Indulge
Author: Megan Duncan
Series: Warm Delicacy (book 2)
Release Date: 16th December 2011
ASIN: B006M7J97A

  Claire's heart is torn between her first vampire love, Dmitry, and the Blood Mate, Arrick, that she is eternally bonded to with a powerfully deep and emotional connection. A vengeful vampire is haunting her steps, after Claire killed their mate. An ancient evil threatens to rip her world apart. With the danger of war looming on the darkening horizon, will Claire find the strength to fight back and protect those she loves? Even if it means embracing the darkness inside her? Is it worth it to become the evil she fears, in order to destroy it? 

My Review
I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I read book 1 (Savor) and took part in the blog tour and really enjoyed it. I love Megan Duncan's writing style and her ability to capture your attention and weave you into a whole different world. So of course when she offered me the chance to read this one, I couldn't resist.
This book follows on straight from where book 1 ended and I was immediately pulled back into Claire's life. It has been a few months since I read Savor but the storyline, characters came straight back.
I liked seeing Claire develop in this book both as a Vampire and a Warrior and really just grow up a bit, she starts to take a stand in what she believes in and what she wants and I found that refreshing. 
Arrick is still a bit of a mystery but I find myself drawn to him. I hope he becomes a bigger part in the series,  I really want to know what happens with him.
There are a lot of fresh new faces in this book as well as the return of some old ones and it made for an interesting mix. There are some fight scenes that had me on the edge of my seat urging Claire on. A lot of the time I felt like I was right there next to her, ready to take on the next challenge. 
I am falling in love with this series, it is so different from the other vampire series I have read and it's refreshing. 

My Rating
I would give this book 10/10. A top class read, will sweep you away into another world. Definitely worth a read.


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deanna_boocock said...

I love chocolate covered cherries. mmm

barmybex said...

Never tried that but I love Cherries and Chocolate so maybe I should try to mix them.
Thanks Deanna, I'll let you know if we get any more entries, at the moment it looks like you'll be getting a copy. Have to wait til the closing date though. We may get some late entries. :D